Anarchy Broadheads - Efficiency through Simplicity

Just Say NO!

  • No more gimicks or tricks
  • No more swing-open gadgets
  • No more vented blades, aluminum ferrules
  • No more screws, O-rings, washers
  • No more 3,4,5,6 blades

Anarchy Broadheads utilize a high carbon steel triangular blade that was carefully selected for its edge holding ability as well as being malleable for repairs if need be. It also utilizes a short stainless steel ferrule that is amazingly strong and the heart of its durability. We also put a single bevel on both the blade and ferrule so they work together in a compound cam over action. It us unbelievable what this does to bone.

Anarchy's shorter length than width design gives ultra-low drag and plaining surface. Anarchys also have a smooth and super sharp low profile finish producing even less resistance. Here at Anarchy, we will only make one design of broadhead which has proven to us to be the best. The different weights in broadheads will not affect the design. No vents in the blades or different materials to lighten them. The only deviation will be the amount of material between the back of the blade and front of insert on the ferrule. It will not change the profile or compromise performance in any way.


You can see by the pictures how the ( Patent Pending ) compound cam over action works. We've used two carbon arrows to show you what the Anarchy broadhead does to bone. The super sharp chiseled point effortlesly enters and makes a smooth transition as the beveled ferrule begins to enter. As the single bevel blade enters, they act as a lever, forcing the ferrule ridge on the opposing sides to "cam over" and split or pop the bone—all while the arrow is moving foward in a compound motion. When combined with its super sharp, smooth, low profile finish, the result is the most efficient broadhead designed.


 This door was shot 107 times destroying about a dozen arrows with one Anarchy Broadhead, now that's durability! The Anarchy passed through both sides of the door on nearly every shot, the back of which is heavily contoured for strength. And after all of that the Anarchy can still be easily resharpened and ran through an elk.


Available in packs of 4 or 6

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Anarchy Broadheads

Anarchy Broadheads in Action—This extremely durable design ensures a higher animal-to-broadhead ratio. You will probably lose them before you wear them out. When you mix the high efficiency bows of today with the short, ultra-low drag, bone-splitting power of these new broadheads, amazing things happen!


Use extreme caution while handling,and always be sure of your target and what is beyond it.