About Anarchy Archery

Well, where to begin? I guess I've been messing with bow and arrows ever since I can remember. Homemade bamboo bows, fiberglass long bows, and even some yard sale compound bows. I didn't really get serious about archery until I was 14 or 15 years old and it's been my passion ever since. I was very lucky to have been taken under the wing of some older, experienced bowhunters. I've seen a lot of changes in the industry over the years. Some not for the better. It seems archery has been plagued with gizmos and gadgets for decades. Every broadhead design has some kind of feature to try to correct flight, increase penetration or make a big hole.

camo-002Until now the biggest pain in bowhunting was broadhead flight. The broadhead was, until now, usually only good for one shot, so like everyone else at the end of the year I would end up parting and piecing broadheads together out of my little box of parts. Well, as a working man, that was not cutting it for me. I always liked the idea of resharpening an old-style two blade after a miss, sitting under an old-growth fir while eating lunch, thinking about what went wrong. Out of a modern-day bow I could hardly ever get good flight and, if I did I hit anything hard at all, that was over. So after stumbling upon a broadhead study done in Africa, I knew I had to do something. By looking at broadheads a little differently and using a little not-so-common sense, I was able to come up with a design that shall, I dare say, outfly even field points. And penetration is second to none. Not just by a little bit either. But above all it us reuseable for the working man, the one who goes out to put food on the table and not a rack on the wall. No, they are not indestructable. If they were, no one could afford them. But they are extremely tough and even if you do hit a rock you can usually pound them out with a hammer, resharpen, and still drive tacks. Because of the design and ultra-low drag, they don't have to spin true to fly true. I have had several reports of cutting one fletching off and still having perfect flight. I know it seems crazy. But the best designs/inventions are usually the simplest and just overlooked!


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Use extreme caution while handling,and always be sure of your target and what is beyond it.