2014 Season Report

Bull Elk

A huge bull Elk shot by Brian Sorenson with a 100 grain 1.5" Anarchy. He won the 2014 Bucks and Bulls contest put on by Sportsmans Warehouse in Medford with it.

The Pinnacle of Broadhead Designs

Design Features

  • Rock Solid, All Steel Construction
  • Single Bevel Blade & Ferrule
  • Shorter Length than Width
  • Extreme Low Drag Design

Welcome to Anarchy Archery, the home of Anarchy Broadheads, where we are taking archery back. No more gizmos or swing-open gadgets, vented blades or aluminum ferrules. Here at Anarchy Archery we're done filling our quivers with junk every year. Broadhead flight and penetration are no longer a problem. Piecing together broadhead parts at the end of the year is no longer a problem. You can now easily re-sharpen or even re-flatten with a hammer should you hit a rock; this broadhead design solves virtually every problem to the modern day bowhunter. Anarchy broadheads do to archery what rifling did to firearms. When compared to a now outdated design there will be more than just a little difference. You can now shoot a broadhead with every possible advantage and with no compromise.

bone_1003_cropThe Anarchy Broadhead utilizes every possible force the arrow can provide, making them work together as a total system. The difference is extreme flight and penetration. The broadhead and fletching now work together in harmony instead of trying to correct each other. Coupled with the super strong, super sharp, smooth, low profile finish and the fact that it's one of the easiest broadheads to re-sharpen, makes the Anarchy Broadhead the most efficient design so far!

Anarchy Broadheads feature solid steel construction, non-vented blades and a triangular shape combined to create the strongest geometry and highest durability. This arrow flies as good or better than ANY expandable and its single bevel blade and ferrule work together in a twisting, compound "cam over" action to more efficiently split bone. Coupled with its super sharp,smooth, low profile finish, extreme low-drag profile, these features combine to produce the most efficient broadhead design we've tested.

  • Anything More is too much drag!

  • Anything Less is too weak!

  • Made in Oregon


Available in packs of 4 or 6

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Flight is one of the biggest questions we get asked, this image shows a 70 yard grouping at over 320 fps. with the 1.5" Anarchy Broadhead.

70 Yard Grouping of shots


Use extreme caution while handling,and always be sure of your target and what is beyond it.